Preface 1
 3 It started with three crosses
 4 The Cross in the Golden Ratio

“Region of Hanioka”The world's holy place 5
 6 The devoted water: Kame-ga-Tsubo
 7 A Pair of Menorahs : The holy Sakaki branches on the kamidana
 8 Geoglyph of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor
 9 A crane and a turtle, a fish, a Genbu
 10 Whole the geoglyph at Region of Hanioka
 11 Mt. Hachiman as a Pyramid
 12 Jesus Christ's Tree of life
 14 Mt. Zeppo Onhayashi and Mt. Kojo-zan Onhayashi
 15 Jesus is enshrined on Mt. Zeppo, Moses on Mt. Kojo-zan
 16 Geoglyph of Moses

Queen Himiko and Shamoikkoku 17
 18 The tomb of Himiko : Mt. Azuki
 19 The tomb of Himiko is Vega
 20 Himiko as the first Saio
 21 Seoritsuhime, Benzaiten, Himiko
 22 Shamoikkoku and Orion
 23 The mountains forming Orion
 24 The sea route for an audience with Himiko
 25 The delegation landed at Tsushima
 26 Folded paper clane

Jesus Christ's three mausoleums  27
 28 Jesus' official tomb, protected by Master Kukai and Master Saicho
 29 The true tomb of Jesus Christ
 30 The view of Jesus' tomb
 31 The sacred rocks guarding Jesus' mausoleum
 32 Betelgeuse shines red
 33 The tomb of Jesus' royal family : Mt.Tenjinyama
 34 The mystery of Kashihara Shrine

The place of Jesus Christ's death 35
 36 The shrines of Princess Iwanagahime and the heart-shaped mountains
 37 The mountain of the cross
 38 The landscape of the place of Jesus' death

The 9 Deities of Happiness at Qianshan and the 7 Deities of Happiness in Japan 39
 40 The Nine Deities of Happiness at Qianshan
 41 The relief of Eight Deities of Happiness
 42 The wall picture of the Eight Deities of Happiness
 43 In the Region of Hanioka, the Seven Deities of Happiness have been enshrined
 44 The photos of mysterious light

Maria's tomb is found at Misaki Town, Okayama Prefecture! 45
 46 Maria's tomb : the path to discovery
 47 Who is the "grandmother"?
 48 The landscape of Maria's tomb

Moses' tomb was located on the Tango Peninsula!  49
 50 The tomb of Moses : the path to discovery
 51 Takano Shrine
 52 Tomb of Moses and Mt. Ichigao
 53 Figures can be drawn from the tomb of Moses
 54 Dotaku as a survey instrument

Mt. Magatama in Awaji Island is the tomb of Abraham! 55
 56 A magatama-shaped mountain is discovered!
 57 Holy trees at Abraham's tomb
 58 Ozuka at Mt. Kono-yama is Terach's tomb
 59 Mt. Kono-zan : the holy area where even Kanmu Tennou prayed
 60 The triangle of Terach, Abraham, and Moses
 61 Chikubu Island and Mt. Kameyama in Soni
 62 From Mt. Kameyama to Mt.Yoroidake

Master Kukai's hidden life 63
 64 Kukai's birthplace : Hoshi-no-iwaya
 65 The ark moved from Mt. Tsurugi to the Region of Hanioka
 66 A geometric progression appears with the Okuyarido pyramid in the center
 67 The corpse of Master Kukai was moved
 68 Exploring Master Kukai's family roots

“The mountain of Hitsuki” formed by the team of Kukai  69
 70 Makata Shrine was on the line connecting palaces
 71 Ikisu shrine focuses on Mt. Magatama on Awaji Island
 72 Finally, "Mt. Hitsuki" appears

When you pray at shrines and temples... 73
 74 Daisho-ji temple (Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture)
 75 Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei
 76 Otoshi shrine in Haze, Kodera Town
 77 Himeji castle
 78 Relation of Jesus' tomb and the famous temples

Afterword 79
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